CASEH Vision , Mission objectives & tagline


World-Leading and World-Class Research Center for Sustainable Ethnic Heritage


Develop and dignify sustainable ethnic cultural heritage locally and internationally to prosper people's lives


Building a foundation of knowledge and humanitarian heritage through various research and impact activities related to heritage and art of tangible and intangible value in Malaysia that can directly impact PERZIM, the university, the state and the country.

Collaborate and build academia and research networks relating to heritage and the art of tangible and intangible value with selected and internationally renowned heritage experts towards strengthening the heritage culture in Malaysia for direct impact contribution to PERZIM, universities, the state and countries in general.


Cultivate joint ventures of community cohesion at the local and international levels through partnerships, transfer of knowledge and expertise, and activities on the culture of arts and heritage of tangible and intangible values in Malaysia so that the existing heritage can be cultured and preserved.

Spark innovation for the strengthening and preservation of heritage culture in Malaysia through the collaboration of selected and renowned heritage experts locally and internationally through the use of the latest and advanced technology towards cultivating and preserving heritage culture in Malaysia